This document tracks the changes of this package throughout time (in chronological order) and in between releases. Note that the changes listed here are not exhaustive.


  • Use vc-git-branches instead of manually resolving the current branch (fixes #5)
  • Document private functions
  • Correct the links found throughout the website
  • Clean up the README


  • forgecast-get-resource-url: Do not trim the return value of forgecast--forge-function as it may return nil resulting in an error which halts the publishing process.
  • First efforts in writing a manual for reading within Emacs as well as an online resource that can be viewed at
  • Bring the source code of the website from the example branch to the main branch.
  • Refactor forgecast--build-sourcehut-resource-url.
  • Rename package from "Forgecast" to "Liaison". See issue #4 for more information.
  • Remove the video demonstration as the functionalities and purpose of this package are straightforward enough to comprehend without one.
  • Add a file for tracking progress in between releases.
  • Publish and on the website.


  • Privatize previously public functions.
  • Add a video demonstration.
  • Support more web pages (endpoints) for the supported backends.
  • Add support for GitLab as well as custom instances.
  • Add support for Gitea and custom instances.
  • Add support for cgit and custom instances.
  • Refactor the functions (their inputs and outputs) and infer parameters instead of requiring them.
  • Rename forgecast-forge-plist to forgecast-forge-alist.
  • Fix internal bugs related to the URL processing logic of multiple backends.


  • Release the source code under the GPLv3.
  • Create a website - whose source is located in the example branch - as a means to demonstrate the functionalities of this package.